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Bestshop Berlin

ANNTIAN is found by Anne Hilken and Christian Kurt, December 2005 in Berlin. First Preorder Collection, entitled “A Stripes Back” was presented in July 06 at the “Ideal-showroom”/ Berlin. since then, two Collections a year are shown in Berlin  and Paris.

The Collections designed by ANNTIAN always tell a story - they show a very own little world. It’s the intention to work on a certain theme, and to show a certain look upon it. It’s not intended to produce a short-term fashionable item without any meaning. Of importance is also to involve a design of an Environment or Interieur to make the Fiction complete. One important message ANNTIAN wants to project is: to have an in depth look upon things, to take your time.

World of insiration: Science Fiction, Every Day Life, Art, Music, Pop, Real-life, Nature in the same way as Technics,  Progress... 
ANNTIAN is also highly inspired by People - and their characters, that give clothes a totally unique expression. So what really counts is the person that wears a piece of cloth, to give it an appearence, a meaning.

Characteristics and elements of the clothes:  reduced, clear, complexity in detail, importance of quality , haptics and individuality of each product. Conceptual working runs throughout the range, so as several working techniques that get visible in different ways. Just like the printingprocess of the clothes which is actually a paperprinting-technique.  
All in all the collections are quiet and harmonic - In detail complex and intensive.

website: anntian