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Bestshop Berlin

For the fall-winter 07 / 08 collection „A cracked smile and a silent shout" from Rozalb de Mura, Olah Gyarfas took a plunge in the strange and dark universe of The Knife group. In a surrealist present or maybe from a primitive uncertain future, Rozalb de Mura coldly analyzes a contemporary fairytale world, inhabited by lonely souls, ghosts and weird divas.

Naturally, the artificial with its endless possibilities comes forth in this avant-garde, electro glamour and technically detailed collection. High-tech fabrics feature shiny fibres or a metallic, cold glimmer. Extravagant mixtures of electric blue, fluorescent green and silver in enlarged cuts bow in an ironically-provocative reverence towards the '80s. Everything cooled down by a breeze from a robotized, alien future.

To appease the future-electro exuberance, Rozalb de Mura introduces a parallel series that could belong to the generous realm of the classical, from the precious materials – wool and cashmere, to the sober colours – black, white, grey and beige. The refined severity of the pieces is benignly deterred by an unexpected twist - a detachable inset, terribly exciting perforations on the back of some simple dresses, fake pleats on a gracious and quiet coat à la Audrey Hepburn. For the subtle look of a sexy, contemporary and humorous aristocrat.

website: rozalb de mura